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Grant HydeThe journey of life can led you down some strange paths, the things you do along the way and the places you can end up. When I found myself on the roof of an old Hotel in Tonga overlooking a coastline filled with blowholes, I could never have known how much that one defining moment could change my life. Sitting there, that night, surrounded by an impossible sky, listening to the roar of a thousand geysers, and the countless tales of warriors long passed, I was struck with an epiphany. Here were stories most had never experienced, a culture virtually unknown to the Western world. This was an ocean where giants dwell and someone needed to bring these tales to life. My time in this Polynesian kingdom stirred something in me that had lain dormant for many years. I realised that I wanted to write again. ‘Lords of the Pacific’ was released in 2009 and is the first of my South Sea Series followed by 'Islands of Gold' in 2011. My last fictional novel, 'Footy, Fame & Cocaine' takes us back to the wonderful '90's and the dark-side of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. I saw a lot of Les Norton, in my character, Snow Torrington,. The novels of Robert Barrett, have a part to play in this novel.

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August 17th, 2020


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