Lords of the Pacific

ISBN: 9781405039161    Published by Pan MacMillan    Release date: June 2009
Lords of the Pacific

The year is 1793 and having suffered at the hands of Tonga’s evil King Tui’puloto for too long, the Island Nations of the South Pacific are poised on the brink of civil war.

When two heroic young warriors, Sevesi and Hiki, dare to challenge the King’s absolute power, they incur his wrath, and only narrowly escape with their lives. The pair flee north, seeking sanctuary with the rebel tribes of Ha’apai. But instead of finding a safe haven, they are accused of being spies…

Meanwhile, as the British and French continue their relentless quest to colonise the South Pacific, one of their ships is hijacked and strays off course, inadvertently dragging both Empires into the greatest tribal war the Pacific has ever known.

As cultures collide, blood is shed, wrongs are righted and unlikely friendships are forged. Yet again, the British and French sorely underestimate the volatility and strength of their foes and the question remains: who will emerge as Lords of the Pacific?

Lords of the Pacific is an unforgettable tale of love, revenge and war set in the one of the world’s last great frontiers.

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Book 2 – Islands of Gold

Published by Pan MacMillan    Release date: December 2010

Islands of Gold is a mesmerising tale of greed, betrayal, gold and violence set is a world of savage beauty.

The year is 1796, three and a half years have passed since Captain Lightfoot and his crew helped restore justice and peace  to Tonga. It is time for them to return to their colony in New Holland, and then on to Mother England.

But fate plays strange tricks in this vast ocean, even on the true of heart, and Lightfoot and his Polynesian crew find themselves facing the old enemy.

Meanwhile, far off in the Torres Strait, a Dutch East India Merchant ship is wrecked on an uncharted reef. When the Captain and Officers are murdered by the mutinous crew, a fortune in gold and jewels locked away in the ships belly goes up for grabs.

As fate brings these two crews together, Lightfoot, Hurley, Sevesi and Hiki will encounter the ruthless Company men, warring Aborigines, brutal Portuguese authorities and man-eating crocodiles. With the odds stacked against them, will the crew of the Royal ever make it out alive?

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ISBN: 9798676014407    Published by Kindle Direct Publishing    Release date: 13th September, 2020
The Feathered Crown


In the tradition of Wilbur Smith and Patrick O’Brian comes an epic South Sea adventure.

The year is 1808 and a young sailor, Daniel Wilson from Sydney Town, must leave his fiancée to venture into the mighty Pacific Ocean to hunt the giant Spermaceti whale. It is a dangerous world for any man but when disaster strikes none of the crew are expected to survive.

Set drift in a whale boat, without food or hope, a deadly fight for survival ensues.

Meanwhile, the peaceful Northland tribes of New Zealand are raided by a despot from the south. Their warriors are murdered, their women and children dragged into slavery.

The chief’s youngest son, Tama of the Ngāpuhi, must step from the shadow of his defeated father and injured brother to rally the Northland against the enemy.

Trade with the Pakeha whaling ships could be the answer Tama needs to defeat the Te Matua. The white man’s muskets, cannon and powder are the only way to overwhelm their more powerful enemy.

When Daniel and his crew find themselves in Tama’s, Bay of Islands, unlikely friendships are forged when he tracks and captures one of the few remaining Moa birds on the island. Finally, the god’s have smiled on the north but when Daniel’s friends are murdered by southern spies he swears vengeance and an alliance is formed with Tama’s people.

Only war will decide who wears ‘The Feathered Crown’ and becomes King of the Northland.

Based loosely on the New Zealand Musket Wars of the early 1800’s and the wreck of the whaling ship, The Essex, this is a spellbinding historical tale of survival, the whale hunt, tribal war and revenge.


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Footy, Fame & Cocaine

ISBN: 9798631774827    Published by Kindle Direct Publishing    Release date: 31/03/2020

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Footy, Fame & Cocaine

Todd ‘Snow’ Torrington was destined for greatness. He possessed perfect genetics, the right connections, the courage and will to reach the very pinnacle of the Big League world – but it wasn’t as smooth a ride as he hoped.

In the 1980s the Big League landscape was treacherous, boys from all over the country were lining up to be the next ‘big thing’. These young men were dangerous, desperate types fighting their way out of poverty, out of the Housing Commission, the Aboriginal Missions and the Pacific Third World.

Competition was fierce because only the very best could join the ranks of the elite, to earn the big money, the adulation of the fans and the right to represent their country. Even so, Todd would step out of the shadow of his legendary father to join the chosen few.

He falls in love and that just seems to make him stronger. He is flanked by his two best mates – a combination that had made them schoolboy champions. Supported, motivated and inspired, Todd makes it to the very top.

However, when his father dies, Todd discovers the top is a dangerous and lonely place. Beneath the glamour and glitz of the Eastern Suburbs lifestyle lies a dark, sinister world of groupies, jealous thugs, and drugs and Todd is soon looking into an abyss of excess and denial.

As his relationships with his girlfriend, his coaches and his mates disintegrate, so does his form on the football field. Todd is spiralling and taking everyone he cares about with him.

He has been a hero, a star and a celebrity.  But it’s only when he hits rock bottom that he realises his battle to be a man has only just begun.

From the Badlands of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and its drug culture, to the State arena, Footy, Fame & Cocaine is a true redemption story ripped straight off the back pages of our daily newspapers.

Written by a former player turned author, with an echo of the novels of Robert Barrett, this book has the impact of a head-high tackle, the energy of a match commentary and the insight of an autobiography that no living player would ever dare write.


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ISBN: 9    Published by Kindle Direct Publishing    Release date: December 2020

The King of Stewart Island

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